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Copyright Infringement Warning: We have lately found a number of businesses using our pictures and writing without our prior consent. This is a serious violation of copyright. We welcome competitors bringing in good quality sea sponges into the market and we continue to work hard to grow in fair competition. Please do show respect to the works created by others by not using them without permission.


Hot news!! SET TV (CH30) program "iwalker" has scheduled its Essence of Greece to be broadcasted at 10pm on Fri., Dec 23.  Greek natural sea sponge will be the highlight of the program.  ReboLife and our lovely Greek associate Mr Papadopoulos have assisted and been interviewed in the filming.  There is also a chance to win Omorfia Greek Natural Sea Sponge at the end of the program.  For more info, please visit iwalker's blog:                        



ReboLife Co., Ltd is associated with Taiwanrebo Ltd in the UK. Both companies were established with a passion for life and the belief of simplicity can also live well. “Rebo” resembles the pronunciation of “rainbow”. The aim is to incorporate the refreshing feeling of rainbow into our principle of good quality life. “ReboLife” therefore expresses our passion for everyone to enjoy a well-lived life.

In ReboLife, we aim to provide our customers with simple, practical and high quality commodities. We believe happiness does not come from abundant material, useful products need not be overly packaged. We want to bring to Taiwan the really simple and useful natural/health products from the world, while bringing to the world high quality, designed/made-in-Taiwan products, for more people to enjoy ReboLife.

Through our products, we hope to make your life simpler and easier. We want to do business with honesty, to listen to customers’ feedback with care, to look after our environment, and to donate 5% of our annual net profit to care for our less fortunate friends, to actively make a positive difference in the world.